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Contemporary vs Modern Homes: Understanding The Difference

Contemporary vs Modern Homes: Understanding The Difference
Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a contemporary home and a modern home? Read below for all the details –

Ranch style. Victorian. Cape Cod. Modern. Contemporary.

There are so many different architectural styles. It’s easy to be confused by them all especially when the terms aren’t being used correctly. Often times, people use modern and contemporary interchangeably, but they are very different.

If you’ve ever wondered the difference between a contemporary home and a modern home, keep reading. Let’s look at all you need to know about contemporary vs modern architecture.

What Are Modern Homes?
Modern architecture refers to homes and buildings from the early to the mid 20th century. The modern style transitioned to a way of life both in and out of the home, including art and literature.

So, what is a modern home? A modern home architecture contains representations of the modern art movement. This includes:

Clean straight lines
Minimalism and free of clutter
Use of wood and earthy elements
Open floor plan
The modern design adopts a “less is more” feel leading to a more simplistic style. Modern style is more form and function than complicated and intricate. You can find the exposed brick and wooden beams within modern homes.

It’s also not unusual to find geometric patterns and accents in modern design. This can give the space a more retro feel.

Some of the incredible modern architects of our time include Frank Lloyd Wright, Philip Johnson, and Frank Gehry.

What Is a Contemporary Home?
While modern refers to the early 1900s to 1950s, the term contemporary doesn’t refer to a specific time period. Instead, it’s ever-changing and fluid. Contemporary home design is much more complex than the modern style homes.

The contemporary architecture borrows aspects of minimalism, modernism, and other global design styles. It incorporates more curves and interesting shapes. Since contemporary isn’t from a specific period of time, what’s contemporary today may be different in five years.

You can find white walls and monochromatic furniture and accents with contemporary homes. This can give a more open and airy feel within the home.

Some of the famous contemporary architects of our time include Peter Pennoyer and Rick Joy.

What Does Modern and Contemporary Designs Have in Common?
While the terms modern and contemporary aren’t synonymous, they do have similarities. Both design styles share overlapping characteristics. They share simplistic characteristics and avoid ornate and complex elements.

Both involve a neutral color palette and open spaces. Both prefer clean spaces. You will find wood, metal, glass, and natural elements with the designs.

Make Your Pre construction Home a Reality!
Whether you prefer more modern homes or the complexities of contemporary design, the only thing that matters is your love of the home. Find a design and style you love, then find someone who can make that dream a reality.

Are you ready to build the home of your dreams? Whether that be building or remodeling, we’d love to help you. Contact us today and let’s talk about all the possibilities