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In the real estate world, the terms renovation and remodeling are used interchangeably. However, at Marvel Homes Development that is not the case. We understand that sometimes our clients want their houses remodeled and not renovated. In easy words, it can be said remodeling involves the structural alterations to the whole house. These clients want to completely transform the layout of their house without touching the foundations and the exterior portion.

Remodeling can be as small as shifting the face of your bathroom to something as big as digging a swimming pool in your living room. It doesn’t matter how big the project is, Marvel Homes Development takes your ideas and needs into account and creates something that you will adore for a life time.

Remodeling your houses can drastically change the way they look or can be as subtle as adding a kitchen island at your place. That is all up to you. To help put your ideas into reality and make something that looks good, Marvel Homes Development hires a group of remodeling designers who will guide you in understanding all the things that could work and all of the ideas that are not suited for your place.

In terms of budget, remodeling can cost more than renovation. It is only because remodeling takes up the multifaceted design inspections, along with abundant construction, electric, and plumbing operating costs. However, Marvel Homes Development is ready to help you on that as well by creating a remodeling plan that puts all of your requirements into action in an efficient way so that nothing is compromised.


Living Better starts with understanding you, your plans and your dreams. To get started, please tell us the following and we will be in touch right away.